Benefits and Support

We know that people perform best when they feel valued and supported. That is why we have created a benefits package that recognises and rewards excellence, commitment and loyalty.

Quick and easy registration

Free, quick & easy registration

We want to get you shifts as soon as possible. Our fast track registration means you can work your first shift within 2 weeks.

To learn more about registering with Swiis, please visit our registration process page. If you are ready to submit your details now, visit our quick register page.

Free clinical & mandatory training

Our training and development programme is designed to meet the needs of our workers and the clients we support. Our material is updated annually to ensure that we keep our healthcare staff skilled and available for work.

Learn more about the training Swiis offers.
Free nurse uniforms

Free uniforms

Swiis provide all its staff with uniforms free of charge.
Book nursing shifts in advance

Work the hours you want, when you want

Swiis allow the booking of shifts up to 4 weeks in advance, giving you the freedom to better plan your free time.
Refer a nurse

Refer a friend

Know someone who would be an excellent Swiis nurse? Earn £300 each time you refer a nursing friend to Swiis.

Visit our refer a friend page to find out more.
Nursing revalidation support

Revalidation support

Swiis provide access to a wide range of support and training which will aide proof of your continued development and compliance to the revalidation requirements. Swiis also offer professional guidance in helping you to collate all of the required ‘evidence’ for the revalidation process.
Professional development

Clinical Skills Training (CPD)

Swiis run training days 3-4 a year which award a certificate and give hours towards your revalidation.

Our training and development programme is designed to meet the needs of our agency workers, the NHS, and the private sector healthcare clients we support.

The NHS contracts are very stringent in terms of the training which we are required to provide to our agency nurses, therefore we have no manoeuvrability in respect of what training we require to be undertaken.

All healthcare workers have access to a full range of FREE mandatory training before they complete their registration. If any required training has been undertaken previously by yourself and can be evidenced (and it meets the criteria) you will not be required to repeat this. Training is updated annually and keeps our workers skilled and available for work.

Appropriately training you enables us to place you in work quickly and efficiently, but it also plays a vital part in your continued professional development, making sure you have the right skills for the roles we offer.

A member of the healthcare support team will advise you from the outset about any specific training you will require and the timing required for you to undertake this. Your proactive commitment to training will quickly ready you for work and subsequently offer you a wide range of work opportunities, and maintain and enhance your own professional development.

Continuing Professional Development

Swiis run CPD (Continuing Professional Development) days every 3-4 times a year in London, Birmingham and Bristol. These days are arranged via Bespoke Training Services and with this, nurses can express their interest in certain courses, we will then find the most popular courses and arrange these with Bespoke with 2 training sessions per day. Along with being awarded the certificate, the CPD hours accrued will go towards their revalidation (completed every 3 years).

Core training

Mandatory training to be completed by all RGN and RMNs:

Mandatory Training CourseRenewal
Blood Component TransfusionEvery 3 years (For RGNs only)
CommunicationJust once - does not need to be renewed
ConsentJust once - does not need to be renewed
Dementia AwarenessJust once - does not need to be renewed
Duty of CareJust once - does not need to be renewed
Fluids and NutritionJust once - does not need to be renewed
Privacy and DignityJust once - does not need to be renewed
Person Centred CareJust once - does not need to be renewed
Your Healthcare CareerJust once - does not need to be renewed
Life Support - Basic, Immediate, Advanced, Resuscitation etcEvery year - must be practical
Manual HandlingEvery year - Unless otherwise specified
ComplaintsEvery year
Conflict ResolutionEvery 3 years - Unless otherwise specified
Countering FraudEvery year
Equality, Diversity and InclusionEvery 3 years - Unless otherwise specified
Fire SafetyEvery 2 years - Unless otherwise specified
Food HygieneEvery year
Handling MedicationEvery year
Health and Safety - Incl COSHH and RIDDOREvery year
Infection ControlEvery year
Information GovernanceEvery year
Lone WorkingEvery year
Mental Capacity ActEvery year
Mental Health ActEvery year
Preventing RadicalisationEvery 3 years
Safeguarding Adults and ChildrenEvery 3 years - unless otherwise specified

Optional training

The training we offer through Bespoke includes:

Optional Bespoke training course
IV Cannulation
Tracheostomy Care
Blood Pressure and Blood Sample Monitoring
Blood Transfusion
Gastrostomy Tubes
Nasogastric Tubes
ECG Interpretation
Principles of Ventilation
Syringe Drivers
Tissue Viability

We also offer extra online courses via Healthier Business:

Optional Healthier Business training course
Learning Disabilities Awareness
Numeracy and Drug Calculations
Sepsis Awareness
Rapid Tranquilisation
Reducing Restraints