Coronavirus updates

Welcome to our COVID-19 update page, where you will find all recent COVID-19 related communication for nurses in addition to a number of crucial links which will keep you updated.

Updates to this page will also be made to keep you informed of all recent government or healthcare notices during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Swiis message

As a healthcare provider we are very conscious of the day to day commitment, skills and care you deploy in your everyday role as a care giver. The Covid-19 outbreak will most definitely test your determination, endurance and aptitude in supporting the NHS during such unprecedented times.

Swiis would firstly like to say a huge and sincere thank you on behalf of the entire team at Swiis Healthcare to ALL nurses and healthcare staff who are working tirelessly to assist the NHS during these critical times.

The nursing profession is one which is unrivalled in the care sector and requires a deep-seated resilience in caring for people. The COVID-19 outbreak is a pinnacle of an example of when the entire UK (and world) is completely reliant on those medical professionals who have trained so hard to ease the suffering of people.

We are immensely proud of not only our Swiis Healthcare team but of ALL front line staff in the NHS for their unwavering commitment, compassion and courage in undertaking their normal ‘day job’ whilst endeavouring to manage their own family responsibilities and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Swiis Healthcare’s priority is two-fold; firstly, of doing our utmost to support our NHS partners with staff during such a crucial time and secondly, and equally as important, ensuring the safety of our nurses.

The government and the NHS request that we all focus our attention on how we can increase our support to them at this extraordinary time and to ensure you and your family’s continued health and wellbeing, it is vitally important that agency workers are aware of the coronavirus guidance for NHS and social care staff found on the NHS England website.

Best Wishes,

The Swiis Healthcare team

National guidance on the usage of PPE in hospital settings

Swiis have been assured by each NHS Trust that PPE is provided to all nursing staff working with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 patients or in Covid-19 areas. Public Health England have produced the below PPE guidance that should be followed as a minimum.

Each NHS Trust will have its own policy and guidelines on Infection Prevention and Control and the usage of PPE and it is important that you comply with all such policies. As a minimum however, you should expect to be provided with PPE as outlined in the below ‘A visual guide to safe PPE’ when working with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients.

Should you be required to work in Covid-19 areas or with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients and you are not provided with the required PPE as set out below, please inform Swiis immediately.

Visual guide to safe PPE

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