Nurse revalidation

Revalidation is the process that all nurses and midwives in the UK need to follow to maintain their registration with the NMC.

Revalidation came into effect in April 2016, and is a relatively straight forward process. Revalidation was designed to strengthen the renewal process by introducing new requirements that focus on:

  • Up-to-date practice and professional development;
  • Reflection on the professional standards of practice and behaviour as set out in the Code; and
  • Engagement in professional discussions with other registered nurses or midwives.

Revalidation is due every 3 years and your application for revalidation will need to be submitted online, so it’s very important firstly that you have an NMC Online account.

The new process requires all ‘active nurses’ to collate and submit a comprehensive range of information in terms of process, requirements and practice evidence. The details of the NMC requirements are shown below:

  • Evidence of 450 hours of professional practice (900 hours if registered as a Registered Nurse and Midwife/Community Health Nurse) over a three-year period
  • 35 hours of evidenced CPD, 20 hours of which must be participatory based learning (face to face training)
  • 5 written pieces of practice related feedback
  • 5 written pieces of practice reflection
  • Reflective discussion with an NMC ‘active’ Registered Nurse
  • Confirmation of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Self-declaration of Health and Character
  • Payment of the Annual Retention Fee – Nurses should ideally register with NMC online and set-up automatic payments, as should the annual fee not be paid by the due date, nurses will not be registered with the NMC and therefore not able to practice. They would then need to complete a re-application to join the NMC Register.
  • 60 days prior to the revalidation date Nurses will have access to (and should begin to complete) their online revalidation with the NMC. The online revalidation must be submitted 30 days before the registration is due. E.g. If your registration date is the 30th April, you will gain access to your NMC online revalidation from the 2nd February, and your revalidation date (submission deadline) will be the 1st April. If not completed by this date, you will not be registered.

Please do remember that whether you work full time for Swiis or work with numerous employers, it is your responsibility to know when your revalidation is due, the timing for completion of your portfolio and of ensuring your preparedness for your revalidation meeting. The preparation for your revalidation every three years is a continuing process whereby you are retaining information on an ongoing basis in readiness for your next revalidation date.

Support from Swiis

Swiis offer a wide range of support for our agency nurses revalidation requirements. Whether you work full time with Swiis or are an ad hoc worker, Swiis will provide access to a wide range of support including specific clinical and mandatory training which will aide proof of your continued development and compliance to the revalidation requirements. Swiis also offer professional guidance in helping you to collate all of the required ‘evidence’ for the revalidation process.

Remember – If your registration is not maintained due to lateness (or incompletion) of your submission, it can take up to 3 months for you to be re-registered and be able to work again.